Pokemon Go Promo Codes

Searching for Pokemon go promo codes 2021? In addition to finding, catching, and fight the enemy in Pokemon Go has a game mechanic that hatches eggs by covering certain distances.

About Pokemon GO

The first major holiday to fall victim to the coronavirus pandemic is Easter this year. Under normal circumstances, the highways and country roads would be congested on the long weekend – many spend the holidays in their home country, with their families. Everything is different this year because we must not move too far from our home these days.

Pokemon Go Promo Codes

Easter walks are not much fun alone, but you shouldn’t get bored with the Pokémon Go smartphone game. Because, like every year, the game from Niantic virtually celebrates Easter in 2021 and has plenty of extras for the Pokémon trainers in-store for seven days.

Due to the spread of the coronavirus and the resulting exit restrictions, Niantic has significantly reduced the distances necessary for hatching.

What is Pokemon Go Promo Codes 2021?

The corona crisis is also turning the world of video games upside down: For four decades, the time wasted as a lack of exercise and loneliness that encourages loneliness, games are now even being summoned by the World Health Organization as a life-saving measure.

In any case, WHO ambassador Ray Chambers was enthusiastic these days about the spread of the “social distancing” message by game companies such as Activision Blizzard or Riot Games. They started a campaign called #PlayApartTogether.

However, for one of the few games that have been explicitly praised for its health and social contact effects in recent years, the rules of conduct surrounding the pokemon go promo codes list 2021 are becoming a problem.

After all, Pokemon Go lives from the fact that its players move around a lot in public space. That they come together to compete against one another or go on raids in large groups – which means that fans of the game in class strength fight together against extremely strong, rare Pokémon.

Special Changes in Pokemon GO

At Niantic, developers quickly guessed what was coming: California’s Pokemon Go operators reacted earlier than some governments to the increase in COVID 19 case numbers outside of China.

Already on May 12th – at that time people in Germany did not want to achieve comprehensive school closures – the first changes in the game started. The monthly community day planned for the following weekend, which always attracts a large number of players outdoors due to the limited appearance of special Pokémon color variations, has been postponed to indefinite.

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How To Defeat Your Enemy

Niantic also reduced the need for extensive outdoor exercise: eggs that are hatched by covering a certain distance now hatch after half as many kilometers and Pokémon appear more frequently and in greater biodiversity.

The smoke item, which is used to lure monsters into the vicinity of the player, was briefly thrown away in the game’s own shop: a 30-pack was available at the symbolic price of a Pokecoin.

As a relation: Usually, 40 units of the virtual currency are due for a single smoke – and only 50 Poké Coins can be earned per day in the game. Those who need more buy it for real money, depending on the amount of investment, about 0.75 to 1 cent per coin.

The legendary Pokémon Demeteros rules in the Pokémon GO raids and can already be defeated in a duo. We show you how it works for two at level 25.

Two trainers are already sufficient to lay demeteros. We show you how to Pokemon go promo codes you have to use for this.

The best counterattack against the raid boss can be found in our counter guide to Demetrios.

When can you challenge Demeteros? The legendary Pokémon will be available in the Level 5 raids for a few more weeks. You can challenge it until April 21 at 10 p.m. German time. The raid boss is also worth it, as you can read in our analysis.

Use this counter: The types of ice and water are effective against demeteros. The ice cream type is particularly strong, however, because Demeteros has a double weakness.

Rely on these aids: With some aids, you can do a lot more damage in the raid. The friendship level between you and your raid partner boosts you in battle. So it’s best to be “best friends” with your partner because that’s the most combat advantage.

Fulfills these prerequisites: At this level, it becomes very easy as best friends if you have the right counterattack. As a minimum, you have to be hyper friendly. The weather is not critical here.

How hard is the fight? Demetrios is actually pretty easy to defeat in pairs. Even at level 25, you have some time left with the right counter. If you fight in a threesome, then you should have almost no problems.

Pokemon go promo codes list

The weather can also be decisive. Ice Pokémon are boosted in the snow, which is likely to be rare at the moment. Water Pokémon, on the other hand, are boosted in the rain. You can benefit from a combat advantage when it rains in the game. In our calculations, however, we only considered the friendship level.


Consider that there is currently a risk of infecting others and the coronavirus. The Federal Center for Health Education recommends that you stay at home as often as possible, keep your distance from others and avoid gathering people. Niantic Pokemon go promo codes 2021 has taken various measures to enable you to play Pokémon GO from home.